It’s now mid March (although looking out at the remnants of yesterday’s snow it doesn’t feel much like it!) and I’m conscious of the fact that I need to get a race programme out!

The draft race programme I published a few weeks back didn’t get the response I’d hoped for. Just two replies were received – both making suggestions but also happy enough to stick with the status quo. I assume therefore, that the vast majority of members are happy with the current situation so, for this season at least, we will stick with this and the programme will be as follows.


2018 Stella Worlds

  • Race 1 – SYH Classic Regatta Saturday 09th June
  • Race 2 – SYH Classic Regatta Saturday 09th June
  • Race 3 – SYH Classic Regatta Sunday 10th June
  • Race 4 – Mersea Week  Sunday 26th August
  • Race 5 – Mersea Week  Monday 27th August
  • Race 6 – Mersea Week  Tuesday 28th August
  • Race 7 – SYH/HPYC Autumn Classic Regatta Saturday 1st September
  • Race 8 – SYH/HPYC Autumn Classic Regatta Sunday 2nd September

8 races, 7 to count – 1 discard.

Best, Peter