Timoa success in Round the Island Race 2021

Andrew Gilmour entered Timoa in the Round the Island Race this year in the IRC class and won the  ROYAL THAMES CHALLENGE TROPHY & SALVER – Third O/A IRC

Timoa RTI Crew 2021

77 seconds behind the first place, 33 seconds behind the second place, 288 seconds in front of the fourth place boat on corrected time!   After just over 9 hours of racing!   So very well done indeed.

The crew were Andrew Gilmour, Jonathan Thompson( a previous Stella owner), Robert Bellfield and son in law Luke Porter.

The Needles, RTI 2021

Andrew kitted Timoa out with high tech sails for this. Andrew explained that they are the same dimensions as the standard Stella sails. IRC do not rate sail material, only the linear measurements.  The measured IRC handicap Andrew was racing to is almost identical to that used in SYH regatta, different by 4 seconds per hour of sailing.  Andrew reports that the difference in performance gained by using laminate sails is considerably more than that, with very clear improvements particularly in pointing ability.

Those who have raced against Andrew in Timoa will know that it takes more then modern sails to very nearly win the RTI race though. Congratulations. And wonderful that a standard Stella, with a polished bottom, fitted with high tech sails, and very well sailed, can take on all comers in the modern arena.

Spiniker RTI 2021



Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classics 2021 Report

What a gas and a great opportunity for Stella‘s to shine!
The team at Suffolk always put on a great event.
4 races planned for the weekend!


Six Stellas were present, : Persephone *6, Acamar *19, Rollicker *42, Lodestar *64, Stardust *89, Timoa *91.  There were 28 classics in all. 

Persephone and Stardust

Friday evening was a stand alone race for those who could make it. Stardust and Timoa both made it and had great fun. They got soaked in a downpour but enjoyed the delights of a stunning double rainbow setting the scene for the first event for many since lockdown. Both were seen hanging their spinnakers up to dry on  the beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, fickle light wind, flood tide, an upwind uptide start at Beacon Hill.

The wind was so light and holey that many boats in the previous start were still trying to cross the line when we started. But we mostly made it across the start line! and two of us, Stardust and Lodestar, made it past the Harwich breakwater, sneaking along out of the tide and popping past the swirly whirlpool just off the end, when the race was cancelled! Simply too many boats in the following start could not even make the start line.

Persephone at the first start

The race was then restarted an hour or so later at Pye End Buoy, with a reasonable steady F2 breeze, and we all 6 had a great two laps a round a course which lasted nearly three hours and all six of us finished with 20 minutes of each other, and all in the top half of the Regatta Fleet as a whole, So Well Done Everybody! 

Rollicker rollicking

This in the end was the only race of the weekend that counted!

Saturday evening in SYH was a triumph of organisation beating the Covid rules by having boxes of beer and gin and tonic widely distributed by the organisers around the boats, music playing over a tannoy, and Pizzas being cooked to order , so we had a really nice party on our boats without breaking any rules.

Around the Lightship

Sundays race was very different. It was an almost dead downwind start in a fresh F4 which grew into a F5, veering to a reach, for the first mark, Penny Hole.
Rollicker found their bilge pump unequal to the day, and retired before the start.  Stellas are great but they can be rather leaky when worked other then gently.
Timoa shot across the start line with the Spinniker up, milliseconds  after the gun, the rest of us followed very close behind and hoisted our kites in short order, and had a wonderful chase . Then it got more interesting as the wind picked up and veered! We saw a kite ahead from the previous start, blow to shreds, and took that as a cue to hoist the No 3 and drop the kite while still somewhat under control. Everybody managed to get their kites down one way or the other.  Timoa was first around Pennyhole for a beat to Outer Ridge, then Acamar, then I can’t remember the order!   On Lodestar we were very happy to have chosen a small headsail and had a wonderful time , initially chasing after Timoa, then tacking towards the windward mark, successfully crossing the bows of the rest of the fleet, feeling very pleased with ourselves,  completely oblivious to the news that the race was abandoned at some point !  We finally took notice of the squawking radio once we had rounded Outer Ridge and made our way back to harbour with everyone else. 

Acamar Stardust and Persephone

Despite there only actually being one completed race on Saturday and Sunday it felt like a very successful Classics and it was really nice to see Acamar and Rollicker join in the racing, it feels like there is a rolling programme of Stellas being restored and raced over the years since we bought Lodestar in 2011.

Actual Results, in order from 1st to 6th, Timoa, Stardust, Lodestar, Persephone, Rollicker, Acamar.

Sailing 2021

Dates for Stella Events so far this year

Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classics

Friday 25th to Sunday 27th June

Mersea Week

Sunday 8th to Friday 13th August

Some fun fit out pictures:

Timoa *91 2021
Lodestar *64, 2021


Acamar *19, 2021
Celeste *101, 2021


Sailing Footage from Recent Years

Sailing Footage from Recent Years, taken by Stella Lyra, 2017

We recieved an exciting package with 2 memory sticks with Stella sailing footage!  Thank you mystery sender!

Whilst none of us are able to get out sailing we are taking the opportunity to put a few videos on the website to keep our spirits up. One at a time!

Best wishes, Mark and Helen, Lodestar * 64

Here is a photo of Celeste. No 101. She lives in the Solent and mainly cruises between Chichester and Poole, and clearly spends a good amount of time being scraped, painted and varnished!

Celeste on Posts at Del Quay

January 2020 Update

Happy New Year Everybody!

Lodestar(64) had a lovely restful Christmas and New Year  sitting unused on her muddy mid river mooring in the River Medway so that when she was re introduced to the joys of sailing on January 11th she wasn’t leaking a drop.  It was also a test of using a large dry crystals de-humidifier.   She was really dry inside, no condensation. So either thats just how the weather has been or the dehumidifier is working a treat.  The experiment continues.

We had a glorious sail to Burnham on saturday afternoon/ evening, in a good 2 reefs south westerly breeze, arriving in time to get served a meal in The White Hart. An 0545 departure on Sunday gave us a fantastic return trip into a 1 reef south wester, back at Hoo Ness YC in time for a 5pm  pint.

Winter Sail video click to play

If anyone else would like to share any winter trips or fit out stories I would be very happy to put them on the website.

The November AGM included a lively discussion about the calender.

2020 Racing Calendar

14 races. 7 to count.

SYH Classic Regatta. 4 races in all  fri 12th,  sat 13th, sun 14th June

During the day on fri 12th , there is a plan to have a Stella Pursuit Race, with start times based on previous SYH results. A case of Stella to the winner!

Mersea Week. 5 races  Sun16th Aug to Fri 21st Aug, no race wed.

Mersea Town Regatta. 1 race Sat 22nd Aug

Maldon Town Regatta. 2 races Sat 19th Sept

HPYC Autumn Classic Regatta. 2 races. Sat 29th, sun 30th Aug

Spring Fling

To be organised.  For the past two years it has been at The Lightship.  Previously it has been in West Mersea. I would be very pleased to receive suggestions of places and dates, destinations should be possible to reach by Stella.