Trans-Atlantic Thread…

Just before Christmas I had a delightful exchange of emails with a Long Island based visitor to our website. The thread follows and it’s really encouraging that Ally’s son, Adam has developed an interest in boats of his own volition and at a young age. Good luck to him! Take a look at the link he’s included – it’ll remind you of some knots you’ve forgotten and probably introduce you to some new ones!



Good Afternoon Mr. King,

My name is Ally Fuller, I just wanted to give some feedback and let you know my son Adam enjoyed the Sailing and nautical info on your page, . He recently did a project about the British navy, and the age of discovery, and learned quite a bit about sea-faring and ship building. It really got him hooked on sailing! He’s been doing quite a bit of research during his computer free time- he had mentioned your page a few times, and I thought you’d be glad to hear!

Adam has struggled to find hobbies and subjects that interest him lately, so I was thrilled when he expressed an interest in Sailing and boating!

We are going to get him some sailing lessons in the spring hopefully, but he wanted to send you a note and suggest an article to share on your page about various knots that are helpful for any sailor to know, , which he really enjoyed. I thought it was a really neat article, and was hoping you might be able to include it on your page? I would love to show him he could contribute another cool nautical article!

Thanks again for encouraging Adam’s interest in the high seas! Hope you enjoy the article, and if you end up being able to include it, please let me know! Have a wonderful holiday season and hope to speak again soon.

Alexandra Fuller



Hi Alexandra, 

Many thanks for your kind email. It’s wonderful to hear that Adam has developed a love of boats and the sea!

 He has actually gone on to our old website which will be closing fairly soon. Our current, up to date site is which I’m confident he will enjoy even more (I hope so…).

 I’d be happy to publish the article he has forwarded; maybe your email in full including the link as this would give context. What do you think? I’d also like to know where you’re based and how old Adam is.

 I look forward to hearing from you and to getting Adam’s thoughts on the “new” website. I’ll wait to hear back from you before I post anything. 

 Best regards,

Peter Dyson 

General Secretary, Stella Class Association



Good Morning Mr. Dyson!

Thanks so much for getting back to us, and thanks for pointing us towards your new site – it looks great – I am not sure how he found the old web site, but he wanted to let you know he thought the new one looks awesome and has a lot of really cool sailing resources! Adam really likes checking out old sailboats that have been restored and learning about their history.

That would be awesome if you wanted to include my email along with the article/link- maybe just remove our last name for privacy sake? Other than that, I would be so excited to show him, when you’ve had a chance to do so!!

Adam is 13 years old, and we live in Syosset, Long Island – so there is plenty of sailing around us, just not so much this time of year! I hope to get Adam lessons in the spring!

Thanks so much for getting back to us, and for encouraging his interest in sailing! I hope he wants to take lessons in the spring, I think he’d really love it!

Hope to speak again soon, and thanks again so much for taking the time to reply and encourage Adam’s interest in sailing!

Best Wishes,
Alexandra F



Hi Alexandra,

I will aim to get something posted on the website over the Christmas break and let you know. Oh, and it’s Peter by the way – we’re a friendly bunch!

Have a lovely Christmas!



Midlands Based Restoration Project – Offers?

The following extract from a recently received email explains Justisla’s current predicament…

Dear Sirs,
Regretfully I am no longer able to store my 1965 Tucker Brown Stella ‘JUSTISLA’ Sail No. 103.
I have had her in storage for well over 10 years with the hopes of one day renovating her back to Sail (or Sale!) – worthy condition but I have not been able to find the time to do the necessary work. I now need to sell her urgently as the space is required for other work. She has been listed on the Stella class site for some time with no interest. I recently advertised her on Facebook and have had several enquiries, but they are mainly wanting the road trailer which she is resting on. These buyers have offered to ‘take her off my hands’; but I am reluctant to relegate her to the scrap heap.
Condition wise, the hull is sound, having been coated with many coats of copper bot by the previous owner. The main work required is sanding and painting of the coach roof, varnishing or replacing the wooden mast (which has a slight bend) and cleaning and painting the interior.
Any advice or assistance which you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards,

A very doable restoration project of a late example of the class and ready to tow away if you purchase the road trailer! Contact and I will put you in touch with the owner. Take a look at her in the boats for sale section.


Stardust Regains Buxey Trophy!

Despite having to overcome considerable adversity,  Philip and Tessie Waring have regained their grip on the Buxey Trophy after another triumphant season.

General Secretary, Peter Dyson, presents Philip with the trophy at the recent AGM.

Scottish Restoration Project

Free to a good Highland home!

Stella number 85 “Vanella” is available at no cost to anyone who would like to take on an achievable restoration project. She was built in 1964 by Tucker Brown of Burnham-on-Crouch and is, I understand, in reasonable condition. She is currently residing on the Isle of Lewis.

Don’t hang about too long though or she could fall prey to the chainsaw… A very doable restoration project. Contact and I will put you in touch with the owner.

SYH Classic Regatta 2018 – Race Report

SYH Classic Regatta 2018 – Race Report

Suffolk Yacht Harbour’s 18th annual Classic Regatta, run in conjunction with Haven Ports Yacht Club took place over the weekend of 9th-10th June.  The event sees classic yachts from across East Anglia and further afield race in three classes (Fast, Slow and Stellas) across two days in Dovercourt Bay, Harwich Harbour, and the Orwell and Stour river estuaries.

Gaff Cutters, West Solents, Stellas and modern classics gathered at SYH on Friday 8th for pre-regatta drinks and socialising, before crews were up early for briefing and bacon sandwiches on Saturday morning.  The forecast predicted light winds, particularly in the mornings, but as both days progressed the wind filled in and the fleet enjoyed a pleasant 8-14 knots across the weekend.

Day one saw a shorter race in the morning, which was won overall by Timoa with Stardust second, Lodestar third, Centaur fourth and Lyra fifth in the Stellas. The race was not without its drama elsewhere in the fleet and on the final spinnaker reach the Norwegian Iversen 40 Square Metre Spissgatter Venya’s mast broke, which earned her owner Rufus Gilday the Spirit Yachts’ sponsored hip flask for someone “in need of a stiff drink”!

Race two brought more wind and some competitive sailing across a longer course, with Timoa taking first, Lodestar second, Lyra third and Centaur fourth in the Stellas. Sadly, the engineless Stardust, launched just a few days previously after extended works, had to retire due to a lack of battery capacity to keep up with the demands of a bilge pump having to cope with planks that were still taking up!

The sun was shining as the yachts made their way back to Suffolk Yacht Harbour for an evening of socialising and live music aboard the Haven Ports Yacht Club lightship.

Sunday morning brought a cloudy start with light winds, which increased as the sun broke through the clouds for race three.  This final race brought the most challenging leg of the weekend, with crews having to take advantage of the tide on a beat from the Penny Hole to Outer Ridge marks that was fraught with tricky wind shifts.

Timoa won again to make it a clean sweep with a trio of Stella class wins and take the regatta trophy overall. Lodestar came second in the Stellas and Stardust was back out on the race course and battled hard for a well-deserved third. Centaur was fourth and Lyra fifth, having battled all the way round!

Stella results overall: Timoa first, Lodestar second, Stardust third, Centaur fourth and Lyra fifth. Well done all for being there and contributing to a wonderful, memorable weekend.

Timoa’s Andrew Gilmour commented, “This is our seventh Classic Regatta at Suffolk Yacht Harbour and Jonathan Dyke and his team have delivered once again on competitive and varied racing as well as providing a fantastic venue for socialising with like-minded people.  I have members of my family as part of my crew every year; it’s the perfect event for sailors of all ages.”

Suffolk Yacht Harbour managing director Jonathan Dyke added, “Despite a late spring delaying many people’s maintenance and launch plans, we have enjoyed a strong turnout of 35 boats this year, proving that the classic yacht scene is alive and well on the East Coast.”

2018 Race Programme

It’s now mid March (although looking out at the remnants of yesterday’s snow it doesn’t feel much like it!) and I’m conscious of the fact that I need to get a race programme out!

The draft race programme I published a few weeks back didn’t get the response I’d hoped for. Just two replies were received – both making suggestions but also happy enough to stick with the status quo. I assume therefore, that the vast majority of members are happy with the current situation so, for this season at least, we will stick with this and the programme will be as follows.


2018 Stella Worlds

  • Race 1 – SYH Classic Regatta Saturday 09th June
  • Race 2 – SYH Classic Regatta Saturday 09th June
  • Race 3 – SYH Classic Regatta Sunday 10th June
  • Race 4 – Mersea Week  Sunday 26th August
  • Race 5 – Mersea Week  Monday 27th August
  • Race 6 – Mersea Week  Tuesday 28th August
  • Race 7 – SYH/HPYC Autumn Classic Regatta Saturday 1st September
  • Race 8 – SYH/HPYC Autumn Classic Regatta Sunday 2nd September

8 races, 7 to count – 1 discard.

Best, Peter