Timoa is nearing completion, epoxy sheathed to enable her to be trailed to different regattas.  She is looking super.

Lodestar demonstrating 2 reefs and a number 5 jib at Queenborough in Feb 22


STEORRA, Stella no 26, unfinished project, is looking for a good home.   She is in Brixham. She was taken out of the water in sept 2019. She had some planking done. The interior was taken out, and kept. We are told she has been sprayed with water every month inside and out.  As far as we know she is complete minus an engine, but needs re-assembling. But anyone with any hands on wooden boat experience knows there will be more.  The space where she is stored is needed this summer.

Any interest? Please contact the Stella Sec Mark Montgomery-Smith in the first instance.