SYH Classics 11th and 12th June
There were thirty boats in the regatta. three Stellas.
Persephone, Stardust and Timoa.
Timoa came 5th overall, Persephone came 12th overall, and Stardust under new ownership came 23rd overall.
Lodestar had entered but on the way to Levington found a leak coming through a hood end that seemed too bad to continue with and she returned to Eel Pie Boatyard for repairs.

West Mersea Town Regatta, August 13th
Three Stellas entered WMTR. Scorpio, L’Etoile, and Stardust.
They raced in a fleet of 12.
L’Etoille came 2nd in the fleet, Scorpio came 3rd in the fleet, and Stardust came 9th in the fleet.

Mersea Week, August 15th, 16th 18th, 19th, 20th
three Stellas raced in a fleet of 12. Scorpio, L’Etoile, and Stardust.
Overall Scorpio came second in the fleet, L’Etoile came 6th in the fleet, and Stardust came 11th in the fleet.

I will do a proper spreadsheet and work out the placings but I think we can say that by winning 5 races at Mersea Week Scorpio has won the 2022 Stella Worlds! Well done Richard Matthews and team.

Also, how lovely to have L’Etoille return to the fray, and I am pleased to point out, show a return to form by being first Stella in West Mersea Town Regatta.

Other Events.

Round The Island Race
Two Stellas entered in IRC group 3, a group of 124 boats
Timoa had a good race in fairly heavy conditions and placed 7th in the fleet. Lodestar had an entertaining race, somewhat over an hour aground on Ryde Sands almost within sight of the finish line, and coming 115th in the fleet.

Classic Channel Regatta
Lodestar entered the Grande Regatta Classique Manche Atlantique, an event comprising the Classic Channel Regatta from Dartmouth to Paimpol,and supplementary races from Paimpol to Camuret sur Mer, and the Camuret sur Mer to La Rochelle. In perfect for a Stella light airs most of the time, Lodestar managed the highest score overall of all boats in the regatta in all classes, and won her class of small boats.

Rescuing Stellas

So far two Stellas have been brought back to SYH for safekeeping. Do contact us if you want to take one on!

Facebook. There is a Stella Facebook Group, which has been running this year. It is gently gathering new members. Please have a look and join in.

News from facebook

Moonspinner *105 has been bought and photos uploaded on facebook, in the Orkneys! Check out the facebook group for more details.  Moonspinner is the featured image above this news item.

Fibreglassed Stellas

We have two sheathed Stellas regularly sailing now. Timoa and Acamar.