Sadly there are still a few of you out there who have not got round to paying your association membership fees – they were due in April! Now the last thing I want to have to do is get on my high horse about this, but although I’m sure it is due to an oversight in most cases, it is unfair to those who have paid. We are currently still only asking £15 to cover admin costs and I know that Peter Haldane has sent out several polite reminders so please pay up forthwith! Just to make it easy the bank details are as follows:

Stella Class Association.   Barclays Bank, Plaistow.   Account Number 60020192.     Sort Code 20-67-90

I have noticed that amongst the placed boats at the SYH Classics were several whose owners have not yet paid . Strictly speaking this means that they are not paid up members of the SCA and therefore the result does not count towards the Stella Worlds. As I am still of the opinion that this is due to oversight, I do not intend to apply this sanction provided that fees from the offenders are received forthwith. Going forward, however, this will apply. Put simply, if you are not a fully paid-up member at the time of competing in a points event the result will not count!

Peter D