Stellas at Mersea Week 2019

Having moved back to early August, this year’s Mersea Week still seemed to manage a mixed bag of weather. Sunday’s race was a breezy affair with the remains of Saturday’s westerly still very much in evidence, Monday’s race was postponed due to lack of wind and the remaining days enjoyed good sailing breezes.

Once again, the Stellas were incorporated into the Classics and Gaffers B Division. The first three races of the week counted as races 4, 5 and 6 for the Stella Championship and were contested by three Stellas:  Stardust, Stella Lyra and Lodestar.

Stella Lyra and Lodestar took part in Sunday’s race, the DSC Regatta, with Lodestar prevailing and achieving a very creditable third overall. Stella Lyra achieved a well-deserved fifth overall.

By Monday the wind had gone completely, and after a postponement, the day’s racing was abandoned. This meant that Mersea week Points 1 would need to be raced later in the week if possible. Fingers were crossed in the Stella fleet in the hopes that it would take place on Tuesday, thus keeping it within the Stella Championship remit.

Tuesday dawned bright and breezy and Mersea Week Points 2 went ahead around one of the pre-set westerly courses. Stardust, Stella Lyra and Lodestar took part with Stardust winning the Stellas, Lodestar coming second and Stella Lyra third. This order followed through to the day’s overall results placing them fifth, sixth and seventh respectively. Unfortunately, it was decided that Mersea Week Points 1 would be run later in the week therefore putting it outside the race days that counted towards the Championships.

So, Stardust prevailed in the two races that counted for the Stella Worlds, with Lodestar second and Stella Lyra third. Stardust continued racing on the Wednesday and Thursday and enjoyed some excellent conditions, finishing a very creditable seventh overall for the week on 31 points. Well done all!