Happy New Year everyone and hoping that you had an enjoyable Christmas Break.We have been out there winter sailing on Lodestar which has mostly been up and down the Thames and on the Medway. Taking her up to Eel Pie Boatyard for works, and then to the Medway to test them out.  Blustery winds and making full use all our sails, using 3 reefs and our no 6 storm jib, tacking along Sea Reach and into the Medway.  One broken anchor shaft! An old Sowester plough anchor. 

Looking forward to the up and coming Spring season and meeting up with other Stellas, swapping stories and sailing together.Stella Worlds 2023- results

 At the 2022 AGM we decided that the worlds would be made up from any race in SYH Regatta, Mersea Week, Aldeburgh Week, or West Mersea  Town Regatta which resulted in two or more Stellas competing.
In the event, this only occurred at the Suffolk Yacht Harbour Regatta. And the Friday Night Race the day before.

Four Stellas entered the SYH Regatta:  Acamar *19, Lodestar *64, Persephone *6, and Timoa *91.
Three Stellas entered the Friday Night Before. Acamar *19, Lodestar *64 and Timoa *91

The resulting Stella Worlds table is:

Timoa is the winner of the Buxey Trophy.
At SYH, an extra prize is awarded to the Stella Class. The ‘Persephone Prize’  This year it was awarded to Lodestar.
Stella Rescues

During 2023 more Stellas have been rescued. Due to SYH generous offer to provide space it is possible that the fleet might start to grow rather than shrinking.
 Stella Munter, * 65, was going to be chopped up because the space it was on was required. She was sold for £1 to the Stella Association and transported by Keith Ballantyne and Mark Montgomery-Smith to SYH, where work has started on her restoration.

Starshell, * 2, which originally belonged to Kim Holman, was given to the association, and collected by Andrew and Ann Gilmour.  I understand that there is strong interest in Starshell already.

Celeste * 101 has been offered to the association by Weymouth Harbour, and Andrew Gilmour is making arrangements to collect this in 2024.

Massive thanks to all concerned.2024 Annual Gathering for Stella Owners and Friends.An opportunity for Stella owners, crew and friends to meet and discuss maintenance, cruising and racing plans for 2024 as well as a short AGM for Association matters.
A meal in the Lightship at Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington.

Friday 8th March 7pm
Best Wishes from Mark and Helen, Lodestar *64