Scorpio & Estrella at the Panerai British Classics Regatta 2017

Scorpio and Estrella were the outstanding small yachts in last week’s Panerai British Classic Week Regatta, held in Cowes 9-15 July.

Scorpio, sailed by Richard Matthews, with a crew that included Saskia Clark, scored a second and five firsts in the small boat class giving them the class win and the EFG Trophy. Estrella, sailed by John Mulcahy and crew scored a second, two thirds and a fourth giving them third in class 4.

Most impressive was Scorpio’s overall win on the long course, a 45-mile race around the Nab Tower followed by an upwind leg to Yarmouth, during which the wind freshened to 25 gusting 28 knots forcing the retirement of more than half the 30 boat fleet. Standing waves whipped up by a three knot spring tide made a small boat win all the more remarkable.

In addition to trophies for her class and overall win, given the extreme conditions, Scorpio was also awarded a special prize presented by Spirit Yachts, for the crew most in need of a stiff drink!

Full results for Class 4 and overall regatta prize winners can be found separately on the website.

Well done guys!


Panerai 2017 Classic Regatta Results, Class 4

Class 4 (Classics) – Race 1 – Sunday 9th July 2017

Last update: Tue Jul 18 19:40

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
STAR90 SCORPIO 0.775 15:40:16 02:15:16 01:44:50 1
52 ESTRELLA 0.775 % 15:44:53 02:21:17 01:49:30 2
NW6 VENYA 0.836 15:42:47 02:17:47 01:55:11 3
1750 DAMIAN B 0.820 15:55:40 02:30:40 02:03:33 4
1180Y ALONA 0.816 16:10:58 02:45:58 02:15:26 5
543 SNIPPET 0.776 16:25:16 03:00:16 02:19:53 6
1004 NYACHILWA 0.821 RET


Class 4 (Classics) – Race 2 – Monday 10th July 2017Race sponsor: EFG

Last update: Tue Jul 18 19:41

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
STAR90 SCORPIO 0.775 17:37:38 09:32:38 07:23:47 1
1750 DAMIAN B 0.820 17:13:48 09:08:48 07:30:01 2
543 SNIPPET 0.776 RET
1004 NYACHILWA 0.821 RET
1180Y ALONA 0.816 RET
52 ESTRELLA 0.775 % RET

Class 4 (Classics) – Race 3 – Tuesday 11th July 2017

Last update: Tue Jul 18 19:42

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
1750 DAMIAN B 0.820 12:47:40 01:37:40 01:20:05 1
STAR90 SCORPIO 0.775 13:00:10 01:50:10 01:25:23 2
NW6 VENYA 0.836 13:03:03 01:53:03 01:34:31 3
52 ESTRELLA 0.775 % 13:12:52 02:04:06 01:36:11 4
1180Y ALONA 0.816 13:11:15 02:01:15 01:38:56 5
543 SNIPPET 0.776 13:30:00 02:20:00 01:48:38 6
1004 NYACHILWA 0.821 DNC


Class 4 (Classics) – Race 4 – Tuesday 11th July 2017

Last update: Tue Jul 18 19:42

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
1750 DAMIAN B 0.820 15:23:10 01:33:10 01:16:24 1
STAR90 SCORPIO 0.775 15:32:07 01:42:07 01:19:08 2
NW6 VENYA 0.836 15:41:00 01:51:00 01:32:48 3
52 ESTRELLA 0.775 % 15:49:04 02:00:15 01:33:12 4
543 SNIPPET 0.776 16:15:44 02:25:44 01:53:05 5
1004 NYACHILWA 0.821 DNC
1180Y ALONA 0.816 DNC

Class 4 (Classics) – Race 5 – Wednesday 12th July 2017

Last update: Tue Jul 18 19:43

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
STAR90 SCORPIO 0.775 13:07:35 01:42:35 01:19:30 1
1750 DAMIAN B 0.820 13:04:03 01:39:03 01:21:13 2
52 ESTRELLA 0.775 % 13:16:13 01:52:20 01:27:04 3
NW6 VENYA 0.836 13:09:14 01:44:14 01:27:08 4
1004 NYACHILWA 0.821 13:21:11 01:56:11 01:35:23 5
543 SNIPPET 0.776 13:32:02 02:07:02 01:38:35 6
1180Y ALONA 0.816 13:27:29 02:02:29 01:39:57 7

Class 4 (Classics) – Race 6 – Thursday 13th July 2017Race sponsor: CLASSIC BOAT

Last update: Tue Jul 18 19:44

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
STAR90 SCORPIO 0.775 16:26:22 06:01:22 04:40:04 1
1750 DAMIAN B 0.820 16:32:44 06:07:44 05:01:32 2
52 ESTRELLA 0.775 % RET
543 SNIPPET 0.776 RET
1004 NYACHILWA 0.821 RET
1180Y ALONA 0.816 RET



Class 4 (Classics) – Race 7 – Friday 14th July 2017

Last update: Tue Jul 18 19:52

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
STAR90 SCORPIO 0.775 14:09:52 03:14:52 02:31:01 1
1750 DAMIAN B 0.820 % 13:55:51 03:04:28 02:31:16 2
52 ESTRELLA 0.775 % 14:11:25 03:18:23 02:33:45 3
NW6 VENYA 0.836 14:07:12 03:12:12 02:40:41 4
1180Y ALONA 0.816 14:33:06 03:38:06 02:57:58 5
543 SNIPPET 0.776 14:55:57 04:00:57 03:06:59 6
1004 NYACHILWA 0.821 14:55:16 04:00:16 03:17:16



Moonspinner Memories

I recently met a neighbour, Richard Hare, at a friend’s party and as the friend in question happened to be one of my crew, the conversation inevitably turned to Stellas. Richard reminded me of a piece he wrote for Classic Boat six years ago and kindly emailed me a copy of the article for publication on the website.


Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta 2017; the Stella Perspective

There are many overused superlatives in sailing, “Champagne Sailing” probably being one of them. The 2017 Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta, held over the weekend of 17th & 18th June, however, certainly provided just that! As Jonathan Dyke, SYH’s MD, classic boat guru and all round good bloke put it, “…if you didn’t enjoy sailing this weekend, you should probably give up sailing…”

Boats gathered at the marina on Friday 16th and crews socialised in Haven Port YC’s famous Lightship clubhouse that evening. Saturday dawned (a little too early for some…), bright and warm but, as forecast, with very little wind. Breakfast in the Harbour Room was followed by a Skippers’ Briefing. Peter Martin, the ever reliable and knowledgeable race officer at these events and his team set a superb round the cans course out in Dovercourt Bay for the morning’s race 1. Crews then made final preps and motored out to the start line in frankly Mediterranean conditions. The wind gradually built to a rather variable force 1-2 as we reached the line off Beacon Hill Buoy. Nine Stellas, who get their own start followed by slow and fast handicap fleets, jostled for position on the line. Five minutes, four minutes, one minute, gun! Line clear. We’re off! Timoa, Scorpio and Centaur hit the front and that was the way it finished, the course having been sensibly shortened at Pye End buoy. Scorpio And Timoa battled for top spot, Centaur followed on just about staying in touch but clear of the rest of the fleet, individual battles took place further down the order and as the larger handicap boats started to catch up blue skies, blue water and beautiful boats provided a breath-taking spectacle. The East Coast, really!?

After a brief lunch break on the water, Saturday’s race 2 started from the same line at Pye End. A clear start and a good one from Centaur who hit the front only to be reeled in by Timoa and Scorpio with superior boat speed in the steadily increasing breeze. Once again, they set off to settle the line honours between them with Timoa emerging victorious. Centaur and Lodestar battled for third with Lodestar ultimately prevailing. The rest of the fleet stayed more in touch in the strengthening breeze and various individual battles decided the final finishing order.

Back to the marina and a chance to discuss the day over a beer followed by a splendid evening’s entertainment aboard the Lightship.

Sunday dawned hot with literally not a breath of wind. Everyone, I’m sure, feared the worst but Race Officer Peter Martin’s sixth sense kicked in once again and the fleet were sent out to the beacon Hill start line for race 3 to be met by blazing sunshine and a steady force 3! A broadly triangular course split the Stella fleet again with everyone having their own take on how best to deal with the long beat out to the first mark. Timoa and Scorpio rounded ahead of the rest and hoisted spinnakers for a perilously close reach to the second mark. Lodestar rounded third with Centaur and Stardust rounding together. Centaur hoisted earliest and got away with Stardust in hot pursuit. At the final mark, a bear away on to the run home, Scorpio and Timoa were together, Lodestar was in clear water and Centaur and Stardust were still contesting fourth. Scorpio and Timoa virtually match raced to the line with Timoa prevailing to make it three straight wins and Scorpio three second places. Lodestar picked up third and Centaur managed to hold off Stardust to claim fourth.

Final Stella results for the weekend saw Timoa the clear winner and Scorpio in second place. Lodestar narrowly pipped Centaur to third leaving her to claim fourth with Stardust fifth and Lys of Slaughden sixth. Full results can be found at The conditions proved favourable for Stellas with no less than six boats featuring in the top twelve for the regatta overall. Timoa was, in fact, only very narrowly beaten into second place by the very beautiful West Solent One Design, Arrow. A truly wonderful weekend, the only sad note being that Mike Spear, SYH’s founder didn’t quite get to see it, having passed away only a few weeks ago. Huge thanks from the Stella fleet to all those involved in organizing the regatta and congratulations on 50 Years of SYH.


Peter Dyson

#100 Centaur

General Secretary

Stella Class Association