2020 Stella Worlds Racing Calendar

14 races. 7 to count.

  • SYH Classic Regatta. 4 races in all  fri 12th,  sat 13th, sun 14th June
  • During the day on fri 12th , there is a plan to have a Stella Pursuit Race, with start times based on previous SYH results. A case of Stella to the winner!
  • Mersea Week. 5 races  Sun16th Aug to Fri 21st Aug, no race wed.
  • Mersea Town Regatta. 1 race Sat 22nd Aug
  • Maldon Town Regatta. 2 races Sat 19th Sept
  • HPYC Autumn Classic Regatta. 2 races. Sat 29th, sun 30th Aug

Spring Fling

To be organised.  For the past two years it has been at The Lightship.  Previously it has been in West Mersea. I would be very pleased to receive suggestions of places and dates, destinations should be possible to reach by Stella.