The following extract from a recently received email explains Justisla’s current predicament…

Dear Sirs,
Regretfully I am no longer able to store my 1965 Tucker Brown Stella ‘JUSTISLA’ Sail No. 103.
I have had her in storage for well over 10 years with the hopes of one day renovating her back to Sail (or Sale!) – worthy condition but I have not been able to find the time to do the necessary work. I now need to sell her urgently as the space is required for other work. She has been listed on the Stella class site for some time with no interest. I recently advertised her on Facebook and have had several enquiries, but they are mainly wanting the road trailer which she is resting on. These buyers have offered to ‘take her off my hands’; but I am reluctant to relegate her to the scrap heap.
Condition wise, the hull is sound, having been coated with many coats of copper bot by the previous owner. The main work required is sanding and painting of the coach roof, varnishing or replacing the wooden mast (which has a slight bend) and cleaning and painting the interior.
Any advice or assistance which you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards,

A very doable restoration project of a late example of the class and ready to tow away if you purchase the road trailer! Contact and I will put you in touch with the owner. Take a look at her in the boats for sale section.