Just before Christmas I had a delightful exchange of emails with a Long Island based visitor to our website. The thread follows and it’s really encouraging that Ally’s son, Adam has developed an interest in boats of his own volition and at a young age. Good luck to him! Take a look at the link he’s included – it’ll remind you of some knots you’ve forgotten and probably introduce you to some new ones!



Good Afternoon Mr. King,

My name is Ally Fuller, I just wanted to give some feedback and let you know my son Adam enjoyed the Sailing and nautical info on your page, http://stellasail.org.uk/links.php . He recently did a project about the British navy, and the age of discovery, and learned quite a bit about sea-faring and ship building. It really got him hooked on sailing! He’s been doing quite a bit of research during his computer free time- he had mentioned your page a few times, and I thought you’d be glad to hear!

Adam has struggled to find hobbies and subjects that interest him lately, so I was thrilled when he expressed an interest in Sailing and boating!

We are going to get him some sailing lessons in the spring hopefully, but he wanted to send you a note and suggest an article to share on your page about various knots that are helpful for any sailor to know, https://www.hmy.com/a-scouts-guide-to-boating-knots , which he really enjoyed. I thought it was a really neat article, and was hoping you might be able to include it on your page? I would love to show him he could contribute another cool nautical article!

Thanks again for encouraging Adam’s interest in the high seas! Hope you enjoy the article, and if you end up being able to include it, please let me know! Have a wonderful holiday season and hope to speak again soon.

Alexandra Fuller



Hi Alexandra, 

Many thanks for your kind email. It’s wonderful to hear that Adam has developed a love of boats and the sea!

 He has actually gone on to our old website which will be closing fairly soon. Our current, up to date site is stellaclass.org which I’m confident he will enjoy even more (I hope so…).

 I’d be happy to publish the article he has forwarded; maybe your email in full including the link as this would give context. What do you think? I’d also like to know where you’re based and how old Adam is.

 I look forward to hearing from you and to getting Adam’s thoughts on the “new” website. I’ll wait to hear back from you before I post anything. 

 Best regards,

Peter Dyson 

General Secretary, Stella Class Association



Good Morning Mr. Dyson!

Thanks so much for getting back to us, and thanks for pointing us towards your new site – it looks great – I am not sure how he found the old web site, but he wanted to let you know he thought the new one looks awesome and has a lot of really cool sailing resources! Adam really likes checking out old sailboats that have been restored and learning about their history.

That would be awesome if you wanted to include my email along with the article/link- maybe just remove our last name for privacy sake? Other than that, I would be so excited to show him, when you’ve had a chance to do so!!

Adam is 13 years old, and we live in Syosset, Long Island – so there is plenty of sailing around us, just not so much this time of year! I hope to get Adam lessons in the spring!

Thanks so much for getting back to us, and for encouraging his interest in sailing! I hope he wants to take lessons in the spring, I think he’d really love it!

Hope to speak again soon, and thanks again so much for taking the time to reply and encourage Adam’s interest in sailing!

Best Wishes,
Alexandra F



Hi Alexandra,

I will aim to get something posted on the website over the Christmas break and let you know. Oh, and it’s Peter by the way – we’re a friendly bunch!

Have a lovely Christmas!