Andrew Gilmour entered Timoa in the Round the Island Race this year in the IRC class and won the  ROYAL THAMES CHALLENGE TROPHY & SALVER – Third O/A IRC

Timoa RTI Crew 2021

77 seconds behind the first place, 33 seconds behind the second place, 288 seconds in front of the fourth place boat on corrected time!   After just over 9 hours of racing!   So very well done indeed.

The crew were Andrew Gilmour, Jonathan Thompson( a previous Stella owner), Robert Bellfield and son in law Luke Porter.

The Needles, RTI 2021

Andrew kitted Timoa out with high tech sails for this. Andrew explained that they are the same dimensions as the standard Stella sails. IRC do not rate sail material, only the linear measurements.  The measured IRC handicap Andrew was racing to is almost identical to that used in SYH regatta, different by 4 seconds per hour of sailing.  Andrew reports that the difference in performance gained by using laminate sails is considerably more than that, with very clear improvements particularly in pointing ability.

Those who have raced against Andrew in Timoa will know that it takes more then modern sails to very nearly win the RTI race though. Congratulations. And wonderful that a standard Stella, with a polished bottom, fitted with high tech sails, and very well sailed, can take on all comers in the modern arena.

Spiniker RTI 2021